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Happy New Year
We had to postpone Dr. Mikovits to Feb 13th. So for our first VAC meeting. 
Neil Mammen
How could America become the land of BLM & Antifa?
Is the opposite of these left-wingers, right-wingers?
What’s the difference between a Republic and a Democracy? Where did we get the concept of a republic from? 
What is a Theocracy?
If we can’t sway this election, is all hope for America lost? 

Saturday, January 9th, 2021

6 pm – 8:30 pm
Speaker Bio
Neil Mammen is an Engineer during the day and teaches the historic and scientific defense of the truth of Christianity at night. His ministry is called No Blind Faith (www.NoBlindFaith.com). He is an ordained Evangelical Pastor.
Neil was born in Ghana to Indian parents and grew up in Jamaica, Sudan, India, Ethiopia and Yemen (under Sharia law).  While his grandparents were Evangelical, his extended family consists of active Marxists, socialists, communists, atheists and a past Chairman of the World Council of Churches, a Liberation Theology organization.
Neil has degrees in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Solid-State Physics and has co-founded five startup companies in Silicon Valley. Neil has about 16 issued and pending patents.
Neil was most recently at Dolby Laboratories and is the designer of all of Dolby’s “Dolby Vision®” monitors. Neil is one of the recipients of the Hollywood Lumiere Award for 2019.
He is the author of multiple books like Jesus Is Involved In Politics! Why aren’t you? Why isn’t your Church? and Who is Agent X? on how to prove God exists without using the Bible.
Family Nights are moving to Monthy. Every Second Saturday of the Month (may change for speaker availability)
Our next Family Night will be January 9th, 2021 at 6 pm
Details to be announced.

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