VAC2020 Family Night Schedule

(the Series has concluded – we will start again monthly with the VAC2021 Family Nights on Every Second Saturday of the Month starting with January 9th at 6pm)


We are in discussions with these possible Speakers for VAC2021: Isabella Chow, Frank Turek, Jesse Gistand, Judd Saul (Producer of Enemies within the Church) and many others.


Please note that the VAC invites all types of speakers, so occasionally the views and beliefs of the speaker may not necessarily reflect that of the VAC. We will however continue to educate you on how to discern. 


You can watch the video of these events on our past events Youtube page.


Sept. 11- Grif Vertican – The Decline of Morals

Sept. 19 – Kevin McGary and Neil Mammen, Every Black Life Matters – Is there a Biblical Alternative to the Marxist Demonic BLM?

Sept. 26 – Trevor Loudon – Author/Speaker from New Zealand – Marxist ‘Critical Race Theory’ infiltrates the Churches

Oct. 3   –  Pastor Don McClure – The Balance between the Gospel and Politics

Oct. 10  – Shannae Anderson,  Psychologist –  The Hidden Pandemic: The Mental Health Crisis From COVID. Why suicides and depression are more significant than potential COVID deaths and why the Church needs to be open

Oct. 17-  Charlie Kirk – The Education System in America.  Note Neil Mammen will present the propositions for the first 20 mins. The Voting guide is on our home page

Oct. 24  – Eric Metaxas  – A Republic – If you can keep it.

Oct. 31  -PATRIOT RALLY with Kids events.  Candy, Constitution and Kids

Speakers: Josh McDowell and EZ (Living Waters) and Official Disney Princess Kari Yancy  3:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Some of our Past Speakers


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